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Smile Birth Project

The names of the baby giant panda (female)
have been decided.

It’s Fuhin.

Thank you all for these lovely names.
We will continue to send Smiles together with them.

Many names were sent for the newborn baby panda. Thank you very much.

And the decided name is “Fuhin”.
Like the maples beautifully announce the arrival of their season,we want people to be the ones to announce the future through smiles and happiness. This is our wish.

A parent gives birth to a child;
the child grows up to become a parent.
If you think about it, we all at Adventure World, continue to nurture such a connection of life.

Let's expand from the animals,
so that nature, all the people involved, society, the future, and everyone living on this earth can become a shining existence (Kiraboshi). That objective is our Smile.

A baby giant panda is the beginning of a life, but the birth of an irreplaceable life is the first step towards a society that transcends generations, spins wisdom, and is full of biodiversity and sustainability.
We will continue to give Smiles to the next 100 years together with lives full of love and wonderful “Fuhin” (楓浜) names.

  Click here for the naming ceremony (YouTube LIVE archive)